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About Us

We specialize in Long-Range Security Cameras that are designed to meet requirements that can withstand extreme heat, military front-lines, marine bases, security threats, and more. Since our start in 2000 we have had multiple successful projects that have satisfied our customers. We use IR Thermal, Night-Vision, Long-Range systems with any per-existing or new CCTV systems to make it easy for you to carry out your security needs. We are send our cameras around the world.
We satisfy the needs of government and private security including Military, Coast Guard, Navy, Air-Force, Ports, Oil Rigs, Buoys, and more.


EV3000 Camera Security Systems

EV3000 Camera Security Systems, LLC is a Massachusetts based company. EV3000 Camera Security Systems, LLC provides across the board expertise in all aspects of CCTV Long-Range Camera Systems, from the design phase to the delivery of complete turnkey solutions. EV3000 Camera Security Systems, LLC designs CCTV Camera systems with an emphasis on Long-Range capabilities using EMCCD technology and IR thermal Technology. We successfully integrate EV3000-D-IR extreme Long-Range Camera System in a stainless steel enclosure with precise Pan/Tilt features that function in diverse platforms such as Ports, Oil platforms, Airports, Military Bases, Naval Ships, and other locations throughout the world. EV3000 Camera Security Systems, LLC works closely with their partners to design advanced multi-sensor long-range systems using standard protocols to enable fast delivery, easy maintenance, and a user friendly experience.


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EV3000 Camera Security Systems
10 Center Street, Suite 401 & 402
Chicopee MA, 01013

US & Canada: +1 (413) 592-8477
International: +1 (413) 591-8477


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